Hacking Rainforest Protection for a Future on Planet Earth

We connect the tech community with the Amazon rainforest to help protect climate, biodiversity and indigenous cultures through digital solutions.

About us

We are a network of jungle nerds, who support the Amazon rainforest through creative technology to do our share for a future on this planet.

The Amazon is one of the most important ecosystems on this planet – and it is threatened like never before. Politics all over the world has failed to provide the necessary conditions for keeping the lungs of the earth alive. As creative rebells, we do not accept this stagnation. While keeping an eye on our global leaders, we look for different ways to fix the broken environmental system. With creativity, optimism and technology expertise we look for new ways to support rainforest conservation and help NGOs as well as indigenous communities to seize the opportunities of digital technology to maximise their impact. Founded out of Berlin in collaboration with the Amazon Conservation Team, our network spans across Germany, the US, Colombia, Suriname and Brasil.

After Corona in Berlin

Rainforest Hackathon

You are a software or hardware developer, UX/UI designer or data scientist and you want to contribute your creative skills to fight for Amazonia? Together with the Amazon Conservation Team we are planning a hackathon on Amazonian challenges in Berlin.

Rainforest Tech

Our Team

Our team spans across two continents and assembles expertise in conservation als well as digital technology.

Christina Pautsch

Strategic Designer and Innovation Consultant

Rudo Kemper

Geographer at the Amazon Conservation Team

Dr. Malika Virah-Sawmy

Environmental Researcher and Change Facilitator

Join Our Mission


Hello rainforest NGOs, we’re here to support you! If you have a particular idea that requires technical expertise, let us know. Even without a concrete idea we would like to hear from you. Dissecting problems and finding approaches for solutions is part of our work. Let’s find out together how technology might help you increase your impact.

Creative Rebells

You are a software or hardware developer, engineer, data scientist, user experience designer, digital product manager, growth hacker or any other kind of rare breed – and you’re tired of wasting your superpowers on e-commerce? Join our gang and we’ll find a project for you to work on the really big and important stuff.

Tech Companies

Hands down, paying the bills is important, but what about breathing? We invite tech companies to join our mission of saving the rainforests. Adopt a rainforest challenge and solve it with the expertise of your team. Not only will your employees love you for a little more purpose, you’ll also collect a lot of CSR carma points.


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